Unlock the Potential of Women in Central Texas: Upcoming Events Hosted by Non-Profit Organizations

The Black Fund Awards are presented from 6 to 9 p.m., join us in celebrating the 21 black-led nonprofit organizations selected for. On International Women's Day, the Fund for Women of the Austin Community Foundation will publish the second edition of Women's Issues are Community Issues, a new report on the situation of women and children in Central Texas. We will host a lively roundtable discussion over lunch with experts who will analyze the data and share their unique perspectives on women's empowerment in the region. Celebrate the 21 black-led nonprofit organizations chosen to receive inaugural grants from The Black Fund, an emblematic partnership of the Austin Community Foundation and the black community of Central Texas.

The Women's Fund will host a face-to-face screening of “Aftershock”, a Hulu documentary that follows two grieving parents whose partners died due to preventable complications in childbirth and medical negligence as they fight for justice. Afterwards, the panelists and guests will participate in an interesting debate on maternal health, the challenges faced by women and the solutions that can make a difference. Exclusively for our partner non-profit organizations, the Vice President of Donor Relations, Cybil Guess, and the grant management specialist, Sara Watson, organized an informal conversation about current and future ACF grant opportunities as well as donor-advised fundraising (DAF). Child care is essential work support for women (see the virtual roundtable).

The Fund for Women, together with leaders from the Institute for Women's Policy Research, the Todos Juntos Learning Center and the Mariposa Learning Center, had an interesting conversation about the landscape of child care and early childhood education and the impact of the closure of schools and day care centers on women's participation in the workforce. Supporting the essential needs of women during COVID-19 (see the virtual roundtable) The Fund for Women, together with local leaders from Planned Parenthood for Greater Texas, SAFE Austin and the San David Foundation, organized an interesting conversation focusing on current affordable housing and the health needs of women in Central Texas. Organized by the Women's Fund, attendees heard from non-profit partners and community leaders talk about the impact of the pandemic on post-secondary education and women's participation in the workforce. A night to invest in women and children to build a stronger and more equitable Central Texas. We all play a crucial role in unlocking the potential of women to live economically secure and healthy lives. Nobody knows that better than Ziauddin Yousafzai, Keyholder'20's featured speaker.

The Austin-based nonprofit organization helps first-generation students' college dreams come true. The annual board of directors training program is an immersive, full-day course designed to prepare individuals who are interested in working in a non-profit organization.

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