Securing Government Grants for Non-Profits in Central Texas

Are you looking for ways to fund your non-profit organization in Central Texas? Applying for grants from the government can be a great way to get the financial support you need. But what is the process for applying for these grants?Generally, grant applicants must be a governmental or not-for-profit entity. However, some grants allow for-profit entities to apply as well. Additionally, some grants may be renewable, allowing an organization to renew their previously awarded grant for a later period of time. Developing a relationship with the funder is key to securing grant opportunities.

Consistent communication, striving to achieve the results proposed by the grant, and meeting all reporting deadlines are essential for success. The Water Development Fund (DFund) is one example of a state-funded loan program that allows applicants to finance several eligible components in a single loan. Political subdivisions and not-for-profit water supply companies can apply for water, wastewater and flood control projects. The Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) will sell bonds as needed to raise income for DFund, which will be used to finance loans for applicants. The TWDB also created an assessment of the current state of broadband in Texas, which creates a framework for establishing grant programs that reach areas of greatest need and establishes a possible framework for future funding opportunities. The first program is the Economic Recovery Corps Network of Fellows, which provides grants to Texas businesses in the tourism, travel and hospitality industries that were adversely affected by COVID-19. States can allocate money to organizations for specific activities, and the amount distributed can be based on the number of people they serve or the number of residents in their community. Foundations are 501(c) tax-exempt organizations that serve charitable purposes.

The second program is Equity Impact Investments, which provides technical assistance so that organizations that provide services to underserved populations and communities can participate in economic development planning and projects. The Venture Challenge awards grants to organizations that enable start-ups to become the next generation of industry-leading and globally competitive companies. To begin with, you will need to specify what type of organization you are applying to and if you would like to receive specific grants for religious organizations or not. The Texas Pace Authority has also created a “PACE in a Box” toolkit for local governments to use to create uniform and sustainable local PACE programs. Additionally, there is a federal program that allows local governments and non-profit organizations to apply for a partnership to support a Volunteer in Service to America (VISTA) to support and expand the services and capacity of their entity. Organizations must also have extensive experience in creating a scholarship model, in addition to providing advanced training in economic development and technical assistance to underserved populations and geographies. Applying for grants from the government can be an effective way for non-profit organizations in Central Texas to get the financial support they need.

By understanding eligibility requirements, developing relationships with funders, and meeting all reporting deadlines, organizations can increase their chances of success when applying for grants.

Tara Hudspeth
Tara Hudspeth

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