What Non-Profit Organizations are Doing for Central Texas

Central Texas is home to many non-profit organizations that are making a difference in the lives of those in the community. AGE of Central Texas is one such organization that has been providing invaluable services since 1986. Founded by Bert Kruger Smith and Willie Kocurek, AGE of Central Texas offers a variety of free services to help caregivers and older adults get the most out of every stage of adult life. These services include seminars for caregivers, support groups, free equipment loans, support for early memory loss, and personalized advice on how to use other available resources. Additionally, AGE of Central Texas is the only organization in Central Texas that offers authorized adult day care programs, with AGE Thrive Social & Wellness Centers located in Austin and Round Rock.

AGE of Central Texas also collaborates with dozens of other non-profit organizations in Austin. This collaboration includes providing referrals and information on locally available services through the Resource & Information Center and by providing free mobility and safety equipment to people through other agencies that provide services to older adults. Baylor Scott and White, located at 300 University Boulevard, is another non-profit organization that is making a difference in Central Texas. This organization works to identify labor needs in the area and promote a regional career portfolio, providing people with the training, experience and connections needed to access quality jobs with salaries that allow them to support their families.

Non-profit organizations like AGE of Central Texas are essential for providing vital services to those in need in Central Texas. These organizations provide education, support, resources, and opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable to many people in the area. By offering these services, non-profits are helping to make Central Texas a better place for everyone.

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